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Setting the fee @ Sekando

How to set the fee is a usual subject for discussion between us and our customers. We usually don’t want to tell our customers what their fee “should” be, since we have an incentive to increase it. Although, we are happy to share our insight regarding historical performance of the platform in relation to the recruitment industry depending on the set fee.

When we did our research before and during founding Sekando, we asked recruitment agencies all over northern Europe for their price times the monthly salary. The results could be found below.

Using Sekando is a different kind of service. Instead of a “full” recruitment service, Sekando is more of a pure new channel of candidates - and when you have matched with the candidates you take care of the process on your own (which was decided when we interviewed our customers and realizing this was the way most wanted to use the service). Before the match the recruitment agency is obliged to complete at least 1 interview, but the rest is done by you - the potential future employer. Given the above, you get “less” using Sekando which speaks for a lower fee than if you’d go directly to an agency.

So - how to set the fee?

Generally, a higher fee will engage more agencies and result in a higher number of qualified candidates. A higher fee will also give you candidates faster.

The average fee using Sekando is 65 136 SEK during 2021, but it differs depending on what kind of position. If you are looking to receive many candidates, fast - you probably do well in setting a fee above the average number. But what kind of role also matters to the equation. For a vacancy in Finance, Sales & Marketing during June and July 2021 we have been able to present 4.14 qualified candidates per vacancy.


If you are looking to hire a Key Account Manager, with a salary of 50 000 SEK/m, you probably would have to pay between 100 000 SEK and 150 000 SEK (2-3x monthly salary) if you went straight to an agency - on average. Using Sekando, we would suggest that you place yourself somewhere between the average, 65 136 and the lower bound, 100 000.

If you are interested in guidance regarding your specific role, please reach out to us at and we’ll help you i no-time.

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